While names like Charlotte, Oliver and Noah have topped the names most popular to call a child in Australia, there are new names coming out on top in the search game.

Baby name search engine Nameberry has released the most searched for names in Australia, with Luna coming out on top for girls, while Arlo is the number one search for boys.

Luna, which means moon in Italian, has started to grow in popularity after poster John Legend and model wife Chrissy Teigen named their daughter Luna Simone in 2016.

Arlo, which comes from the Celtic word Aherlow which means “between two highlands”, has grown in popularity in the last 10 years especially in the UK and US.

Top five searched-for Australian girls’ names

1. Luna

2. Isla


3. Aurora

4. Mia

5. Maeve

Top five searched-for Australian boys’ names

1. Arlo

2. Hugo


3. Oscar

4. Leo

5. Theodore