It wasn’t so long ago that weddings were stuffy, formal affairs where tradition ruled.

From perfectly lined-up photos and matchy-matchy bridesmaids to soulless function centres and shouty DJs, couples are now completely customising their big day.

And while many trends come and go, here’s a few which are very much likely to stick around for awhile.

Wedding parties vs bridal parties

Gender-divided parties are a thing of the past. Gender blind is in.

Groomsgirls, Bridesmen, Man of Honour, Best Lady. You get the idea.

Unplugged ceremonies 


It used to be that the unplugged element applied for the entire wedding and reception.

These days, while some might take a wedding as a great excuse to switch off, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect every guest to keep their phones off for hours at a time.

So, here’s the compromise: the ceremony is strictly sans phones and other devices. Later on, however, go nuts, #hashtag the crap out of the reception.

Losing interest in Pinterest

“I’ve seen more couples using wedding planners and day-of planners,” said wedding photographer Mike Allebach.

Because planners have more access to rental and décor options, there was less stress – something that isn’t quite as guaranteed if you’re only using Pinterest.


First looks

A groom seeing his bride for the first time, the father-of-the-bride seeing his daughter for the first time before they head down the aisle, capturing these moments is so damn hot right now.

Progressional processionals

While it’s tradition for brides to walk down the aisle with their fathers to be ‘given away’, many are breaking with it.

Brides are now walking with mothers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, both parents or even heading down the aisle alone.

Some brides and grooms are also choosing to walk it together.


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