Wrapping presents can be the WORST when you don’t know how.

The paper keeps folding in on itself, the sticky tape keeps sticking to everything, and the scissors just somehow always manage to get lost.

One mum has has the most ingenious hack to make the whole thing a little less difficult.

Amanda Coulter posted her festive hack to the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks.

She took one of her mops, took the head off the end, and made use of the handle.

Then, she put the entire thing through two chairs on opposite ends of the table to keep it all in place.


By doing this, she can grab as much paper as he needs without the dreaded feeling of it rolling back into itself.

‘I hate wrapping presents at the best of time,” Coulter said.

“No more paper rolling back at you. A simple mop handle stops me from loosing my S**t.’