You can now save FORTY PER CENT on your airfares (because, who doesn’t love a saving?!?!)… And it’s super easy – it’s all about maximising your frequent flyer points when booking a flight.

First, figure out where you travel to the most, and then pick a frequent flyer membership program to reflect this.

“Pick your travel destinations to decide which frequent flyer program works the best for you. Most people jump in too fast into collecting points but are collecting the wrong points,” says Steve Hui from told

“Different programs require a different number of points to fly to the same destination. Pick your desired destination, and then choose the most appropriate program. Getting it right at the start can save you over 33 per cent.”

For example, an economy flight from Sydney to London uses 120,000 Qantas points or 128,000 Virgin Velocity points. But if you’re a member of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program, you will only need 80,750 points for the exact same journey – a saving of 33 per cent.

And the savings are even bigger in business class, with the trip taking 256,000 and 278,000 points on Qantas and Virgin, while Singapore KrisFlyer asks 161,500 points — saving you 40 per cent.

Singapore Airlines recently announced changes to its frequent flyer program, with an increase in points needed to book flights after March 23, but it’s still a lot cheaper than their counterparts.


Hui also advises against hoarding your points for too long, saying: “Frequent flyer points are made to fly, so the key with collecting them is to use them to book your holiday.”

And he says the best value for money is using your points for a booking, rather than an upgrade.

“Booking seats using points as a full redemption is better value than trying to get an upgrade,” he says.

“As upgrades are like a lottery, there are always more people trying their luck to get the limited seats. Besides, most upgrades are allocated based on an ranking algorithm — rewarding platinum and gold frequent flyers more often.”

You’re welcome!