The yearly natural phenomenon is back with the magical ghost mushrooms lighting up the forests of Gelncoe, just 16km from Mount Gambier.

From late autumn and throughout winter, the forests of Mount Gambier illuminate into something out of a fairytale. Known as Ghost Mushroom Lane, the bioluminescent mushrooms, scientically known as Omphalotus nidiformis, light up the forest with Forestry SA offering free trails.


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An estimated 65,000 people have visited Ghost Mushroom Lane over the last 3 seasons, which significally boost the media exposure of the Limestone Coast.


The green glow is a chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen glowing so bright you could start reading your book.

For those wanted to experience the phenomenon themselves, you must get an access pass to plan your visit. It is advised to wear warm clothes, sensible shoes and bring a torch to get you though the forest.

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