A South Australian couple who became stranded over the border say that they’re willing to risk getting arrested if it means coming back to South Australia.

7News reports that Murray and Belinda Robbins have been waiting for a month to hear from health authorities about whether they have been granted an exemption to re-enter the state.

The pair originally went to Victoria when Murray’s mother fell ill in early September, she died a short time after the couple arrived.

The Robbins stayed in Victoria for Murray’s mother’s funeral, submitting an exemption request shortly after.

Now without the option to work and effectively stranded, the couple have turned to sleeping in the car and in crisis accommodation.

Belinda told 7News that the are prepared to face the legal consequences of crossing back to SA illegally.

“Our last option is just to stand over the border and wait to be arrested, because that’s the only way we’re going to get the attention we want to get home.”