If you’re looking for a local getaway (and let’s face it, everyone needs a getaway this year), the SA Tourism Commission is keen to fund it for you.

No, literally, South Australian Tourism Commission is giving away $50 and $100 vouchers to South Aussies keen to holiday in their own backyard.

From this Thursday, you will be able to get $100 off your hotel bill for a stay in Adelaide city and $50 off stays in regional and suburban accommodation.

It’s called the Great State Voucher and you can get your hands on one from 9am on 15 October.

The scheme runs until the end of the month, unless they run out of vouchers prior, which they almost certainly will because who doesn’t like the idea of the government paying for your holiday?

There’s a bunch of hotels included in the campaign including the city’s Mayfair Hotel, the brand new Crowne Plaza and the Adelaide Oval hotel.

If you want to get your voucher, you’ll have to wait until 9am on Thursday, there are no pre-registrations, unfortunately.


Head to the SATC website and choose from the listed accommodation, then book your stay with your unique voucher code.

Seems like there would be a catch, but there’s no catch. Just get out and enjoy our beautiful city!