While others explore the plant-based meat alternative trend, a US restaurant chain has well and truly bucked it.

Deli-style sandwich giant Arby’s has created ‘meat vegetables’ or ‘Megetables’.

It’s as far from a vegan burger as you can get.

They wanted to push back on the trend of “turning vegetables into meat” and they came up with the meat carrot… a ‘Marrot’.

I mean, of course it’s called a Marrot.

“Plant-based meats are the latest incarnation of making vegetables look like what Americans really want, which is great, tasty meat,” Jim Taylor, chief marketing officer for Arby’s, said in a statement.

The Marrot is made from turkey breast… with a little sprig of parsley at the top.


They’re not yet available to customers.

No word on whether they’ve heard of Heston Blumenthal.