South Australian supermarkets are expecting to be back to nearly-normal levels of toilet paper supplies within the coming days.

The return of the staple item on our supermarkets’ shelves follows a massive spike in demand, with Drakes Supermarkets Director John-Paul Drake saying that their supermarkets had sold 8 months’ worth of toilet paper in 4 weeks.

Supermarkets across the board reported an increase in spending of 22 per cent last month, according to The Advertiser.

Roger Drake, the head of the largest independent grocery retailer in the nation told The Advertiser that we are heading back to a normal situation with some essential items.

“I am predicting we will have plenty of toilet paper back by the end of next week. Hand sanitiser will not be a problem (either),” Mr Drake said.

Woolies is also optimistic about the state’s supply of toilet paper, announcing earlier this week that they will no longer be sending toilet paper from a South Australian distribution centre over the border to Victoria.