DREAM JOB ALERT! There’s an actual job up for grabs for someone to watch tv all day and make TikToks about it. Uh…yes! Sign me up!

The ABC is hiring a lucky person to watch ABC iview and make content out of their shows. Hard to believe that’s an actual job but hey, the world’s a crazy place.

In the 3-month paid contract, the job requires you to make short-form videos for Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. So basically you get paid to watch tv and make videos about watching tv!

The job application states “We’re looking for an official #ABCiviewer who can create content to help audiences decide what to watch. In any given week there’s more than 4,000 hours of content on ABC iview, and our ABC iviewer will help people find the shows that appeal to them.”

To apply all you need to do is watch something on ABC iview, create a video about it and post it on your socials with the #ABCiviewer.

Look, this job sounds too good to be true so I’d get watching if I were you!

For all the job deets, head here.