Dogs are honestly living their best lives these days from puppachino’s, doggie breakfasts and now a dog-specific scentsory garden.

Shoutout to anyone else who has a Beagle and knows the struggle of having to stop every 2 metres while they sniff EVERYTHING.

The City of Charles Sturt is spoiling our fur babies and has opened a fragrant garden filled with trees, herbs, and shrubs that are all dog safe. The park has fully fenced-in areas, paths, signage, shelters, seating, a water fountain, lighting, bins, and dog bags.

Sniffing actually has health benefits for dogs, so by treating them to a ‘sniffari’, you’re also keeping them happy and healthy.

“Providing ample sniff-time on walks, and scent-rich locations in the backyard is integral to their mental wellbeing and incredibly enriching for them,” the City of Charles Sturt says.

“It can also be a very calming and tiring experience for them – sniffari walks are an excellent alternative to routine exercise.”


Because sniffing is a workout but requires less movement, the scentsory experience is great for older or arthritic dogs, vaccinated puppies, or dogs recovering from surgery. It can also help calm down high energy and adolescent dogs who need help relaxing because all the excitement tires them out.

Find the Frank Mitchel / Woodville West Reserve on the corner of Todville Street and Henderson Avenue, Woodville West.