With everyone up in arms about Collingwood crossing the border over the weekend, it’s ended up being the Adelaide Crows who were hit with a $50,000 Covid fine.

After reports that Adelaide Crows players weren’t adhering to the Covid restrictions on a flight last weekend, the Adelaide Crows club has been fined $50,000. Five players and three staff weren’t wearing their face masks properly on a commercial flight, with the club bearing the fine as a result.

The Covid negligence was raised from fellow passengers on the commercial flight with Adelaide Crows’ CEO Tim Silvers apologising to those on the flight, saying “We failed in this area and we would like to apologise to the other passengers on the plane.”

“It is a privilege to be playing games during these challenging times and we acknowledge the government requirement for people to wear face masks in airports and on all domestic commercial flights,” he said.

For all people travelling, you must wear a mask while walking around the airport and while on the flight, unless eating or drinking.