It’s like the sun knows the footy season is over, it’s school holidays, and it’s time to start warming us all up.

We’ve had a quick look at the forecast for the rest of this week and it’s the perfect antidote for Mondayitis.

Today we get a comfortable 21°, and then the sun starts to warm up and will give us what look like being some absolutely glorious days.

And there won’t be any rain/wind/dust storms to spoil these ones either. The latest forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology is as follows…

Monday 30 September – 21° (mostly sunny)

Tuesday 1 October – 27° (sunny)

Wednesday 2 October – 27° (sunny)


Thursday 3 October – 25° (partly cloudy)

And what about Friday – THIRTY-THREE DEGREES!

Friday 4 October – 33° (partly cloudy)

Saturday 5 October – 27° (partly cloudy)

We’re also hearing from the Bureau of Meteorology that Saturday could end up being over 30 degrees despite the forecast currently being for 27°.

The only bad news though is the run of weather will end before we get through our long weekend with Sunday set for 18°, although still no rain.


Sunday 6 October – 18° (partly cloudy)

We’ve also noticed we’re going to get our first taste of a Summer’s night on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. The minimum is going to be 17°!