South Australia Premier Steven Marshall has rejected calls to re-open the state’s borders, saying more restrictions could be relaxed if the state continues to see low rates or Coronavirus infections.

SA Health report on Sunday that South Australia now has zero active cases and no new cases of COVID-19.

As a result, the State Government has now launched a new testing phase that targets the homeless population to ensure that no hidden cases go undetected.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Sunday that she had been ‘ having a gibe at all of my state colleagues who have their borders shut. NSW didn’t, Victoria didn’t.’

“We appreciated the key to our economic success will be to improve our supply chains and our manufacturing base among Australia so you do need to get those borders open as soon as possible.”

Marshall responded to that feedback in The Advertiser, saying that had he no plans to open the borders, as yet.

However, he told the newspaper that the state could see more broadened restriction loosening if there was a sustained period of no cases until June 8.


On June 8, SA is currently expected to be allowed back to the cinema, enjoy seated dining, head to galleries and museums, and start a transition to sport.

Currently, gathering sizes would be limited to 20.