Eddie McGuire has taken a huge dig at the state of South Australia, accusing South Aussies of “denigrating” the AFL and VFL.

Speaking on Footy Classified, Eddie took aim at the entire state as he read off his heartfelt attack from notes.

“I’m sick of the South Australians and particularly the Cornes family denigrating anything that’s good from the VFL and the AFL,” McGuire said on Footy Classified.

The swipe was inspired by Kane Cornes dismissing Alex Jesaulenko’s famous mark in the 1970 Grand Final between Collingwood and Carlton as “overrated”.

The attack isn’t the only time that Eddie has sparred with South Australians recently, he previously took aim at Port Adelaide’s Travis Boak and Tom Rockliff for accusing the AFL of having a Victorian bias.


McGuire told the Port pair that they need to “get over that.”

Now, we don’t usually take the side of Kane Cornes, but when it comes to taking swipes at our great state, we’ll go into battle against the Vics with you, Kane!