A man who tried declaring independence from society to dodge a parking fine is back in court again…trying to dodge another parking fine.

Timothy-Noel Rossiter claimed that he was a “free spirit man” in a bid to avoid responsibility for paying a parking fine.

Rossiter’s claim, which he took all the way to the Supreme Court was dismissed, with the Supreme Court Justice labelling the case an “unnecessary waste of scarce public and judicial resources.”

But not one to take “no” for an answer, the “free spirit man” is now back before court after electing to be prosecuted for a fine issued by Marion Council, The Advertiser reports.

It is alleged that Mr Rossiter parked his ute in a bike lane on Diagonal Road in June last year.

Under his previous defence, Mr Rossiter claimed that “truth and law” existed inside him and objected to being governed.

Mr Rossiter failed to appear at his scheduled appearance before the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday.