South Australia’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier has said that poor ventilation within the Peppers Hotel could have been behind the Parafield Cluster’s initial case.

A review of the Peppers Hotel’s CCTV footage has led health authorities to believe that there was no “significant breach” of quarantine protocols.

In a statement, Professor Spurrier said that the infection of a quarantine security guard occurred while the security guard was in the corridor of the floor that a person who had tested positive to the virus was staying.

“The review of the footage did not identify any significant breaches in infection control,” Professor Spurrier said.

“However, the security guard who became infected while working spent some time in the corridor of the floor where the overseas positive case was located and reduced ventilation within the corridors may have contributed to the transmission of infection.”

There is not thought to have been any direct contact between the guard and any guest who had tested positive to COVID-19.