The State Government’s overhaul of public transport in Adelaide will now see even more bus stops removed as it seeks to increase efficiency of services.

With the State Government undertaking a sweeping restructuring of Adelaide’s public transport system, the exact number of bus stops on the chopping block had been disputed.

Originally, the state’s Transport Minister Stephan Knoll stated that around 500 bus stops would be removed, however, another 400 will also be converted to solely service school buses.

The change will mean that 900 general service bus stops across Adelaide will be given the flick.

However, the state’s opposition has argued that its modelling suggests that over 1,000 bus stops will be cut.

The government has, so far, refused to release which stops are on the chopping block, although says that the changes will make for a better service to drive more patronage.

Premier Steven Marshall told the ABC that the government had received feedback from commuters that buses’ frequent stopping is slowing down their commute.


“We’ve had some incredible feedback, people saying the bus trip in is so slow, I could walk faster than the bus,” Premier Marshall told the ABC.

“This is what is discouraging people from using public transport.”