Adelaide woke up to a freezing 2 degrees at 6am on Tuesday morning but we’ve discovered something that has been warming us up… in our minds at least.

This Saturday’s weather forecast is standing out like a beacon of light at the end of a freezing few weeks – a gift to thaw our Kathmandu-covered bones.

Here it is…

IT’S GOING TO BE 21 DEGREES ON SATURDAY. That’s Celsius, folks.

Yes, the best day of the week, Saturday, is forecast for a Spring-like 21°, that will have a ‘feels-like’ of Summer.

OK, so there is a slight chance of rain in the morning and they’re saying it’ll be ‘partly cloudy’ but after what we’ve been through it sounds absolutely glorious.

Actually, today might be the coldest we’ll experience for a little while at least (before the cold comes back next week).


This is what’s coming up…

  • Tuesday 13 August: 14° (cloudy)
  • Wednesday 14 August: 17° (sunny)
  • Thursday 15 August: 19° (cloud increasing)
  • Friday 16 August: 18° (late shower)
  • Saturday 17 August: 21° (cloudy)
  • Sunday 18 August: 16° (showers)
  • Monday 19 August: 14° (shower)

And if that forecast is not warming you up, think of this… it’s only 19 days until Spring.