In case you missed it, today is international dog day. A day for us all to stop and pay tribute to the greatest humans in the world…dogs!

And that is exactly what South Australia Police have been doing today, by celebrating the retirement of police dog Kingston.

Kingston is hanging up the collar after spending 8 long years on the force, joining SAPOL after failing terribly as a guide dog.

“Failing terribly,” that is a quote from South Australia Police, by the way.

His handlers were singing his praises today, with Kingston’s first handler saying that the dog once saved his life.

“He saved my life when he located a live pipe bomb in a cupboard, which had he not indicated, may have resulted in someone triggering it”.

But he could never stop being a dog, to the point that when he was searching for firearms on one occasion he ended up helping himself to a hidden Subway sandwich.


SAPOL have shared footage of Kingston’s last time hopping down from his patrol car and into retirment:

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