Publicans and the hospitality sector have penned an open letter to the Premier and state Transition Committee pleading with them to wind back the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

A group of 22 bars and pubs have voiced their concerns about the ongoing viability of many businesses under the current restrictions.

The letter notes that restrictions had been implemented without explanation or justification and without time for review.

“Current restrictions against standing consumption mean that most bars are trading well under half of their licensed capacity,” the letter reads.

“This has placed many businesses in jeopardy, as well as hundreds of jobs.”

The bars and pubs pointed out that they welcome the relaxed restrictions relating to “vertical consumption” and dancing at private venues, but think that the easing of restrictions do not go far enough.

Small bars in SA are effectively excluded from the eased restrictions, with few having outdoor space to allow for outdoor drinking.


The letter goes on to ask authorities to look toward Western Australia for inspiration on how to ease restrictions around hospitality.

“Across the border, Western Australians have been permitted to dance and stand whilst enjoying a drink since late June – and without consequence.

“We would encourage you to reconsider South Australian’s ability to do the same.”

South Australia currently has 8 active cases of COVID-19 across the state.