Animal advocacy groups across South Australia have thrown support behind a bill coming before parliament that would allow renters to keep pets in their homes.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell will reintroduce a bill that will offer protection to tenants who wish to keep pets in their leased property.

Under current laws, tenants must seek permission from landlords to keep pets in their property, with the default position from most landlords disallowing all pets.

However, the bill would shift the default position to allowing tenants to keep pets, if consent is not granted by landlords, tenants would have the right to apply to the South Australian Civic and Administrative Tribunal to make a decision on their case.

Across 2019/20, the RSPCA reports that they received 259  animals due to owners being unable to secure pet-friendly residence, while the Animal Welfare League reports that they received 55 animals for the same reason.

The legislation, if passed, would be similar to that in Victoria, which protects tenants from landlords arbitrarily deciding that tenants cannot keep pets in their property.