Just seven years after the Adelaide City Council re-paved Rundle Mall, council members will once again vote on whether to undergo the whole process again.

Adelaide City Council will tonight consider a report that calls for the mall pavers to be replaced again, this time to insure the mall against climate change.

The report cites an expected increase in maximum daily temperatures for SA of between 1-2.1 degrees by 2050.

The rise in temperatures is predicted to lead to an increase “risk of people experiencing heat stress or heat stroke” in the mall.

Adelaide now experiences double the number of 40 degree-plus days compared to ten years ago.

While installing more shade and water fountains are also recommended, the report says that changing the pavers would do more to help protect shoppers from the heat.

Rundle Mall was resurfaced in 2013 in controversial circumstances, with pedestrians criticising the choice of pavers for being slippery.


The last re-paving and landscaping of the mall cost ratepayers around $30 million, a cost that also included new trees, lighting and seating.

Adelaide City Council will consider the report in a metting tonight.