Anti-Vaxxers in Adelaide are trying to spread their conspiracy theories by targeting small businesses CovidSafe QR codes with their own.

As South Australian’s are required to check in to businesses, anti-vaxxers in the Adelaide Hills and Blackwood area saw this as a great opportunity to launch an evil, mastermind plan, sending users to conspiracy theory websites.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to cover QR codes, with the majority of people doing the right thing by checking in, and is a government requirement, this act is frustrating and blatantly ridiculous!

The fake codes are stickers, stuck on top of the government’s CovidSafe QR code, apparently taking users to anti-vax conspiracy theory websites, in a shameful attempt to protest getting the Covid-19 vaccination.

ABC spoke to Business Chair in SA Nikki Govan about the hijacking of QR codes.

“It does appear as though the small number of businesses are those that might have applied their QR code on the outside of their building and it’s made it easier for people to apply a sticker on top of that.”

“This is really interrupting a process that is incredibly important for the protection of South Australians as we open up our community,” Govan continued.


However, for those who use to MyGov app, the code won’t work so you are safe from the evil clutches of the anti-vaxxers.

One man has been charged with placing the QR codes in South Plympton on Anzac day.

It is recommended to use the MyGov app when scanning check-in QR codes as police continue their investigation.