South Australia has recorded another new, confirmed case of COVID-19 for the second consecutive day.

A South Australian man in his 40s has tested positive to the disease upon returning from Victoria where he was working.

The man was granted an exemption to travel restrictions as an essential worker, he had been working as a stevedore.

SA’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier confirmed the case in a press conference this afternoon.

Dr Spurrier said that the man exhibited “relatively mild symptoms” in the form of a “hot, cold feeling” but did have a loss of taste.

“If anybody has a symptom like that, you must get tested,” Dr Spurrier urged, before going on to remind South Aussies to continue to practise physical distancing, get tested if they feel any respiratory symptoms and self-isolate when they feel sick.

The man lives with his family, but will be moved to a hotel to quarantine, while his fellow family members also self-isolate.


News of the second case in as many days has prompted some to ask questions of whether South Australians should be alarmed.

Dr Spurrier noted that the case is “very concerning” but is confident that it is not the beginning of a second wave for South Australia.

SA Health and South Australia Police will now review the list of those classified as essential workers as the virus continues its spread through Victoria.