Premier Steven Marshall has sought to clear the air around whether or not schools will be reopening for term 2 in South Australia, and it seems it will be business as usual, sort of.

Premier Marshall pointed to the lack of student-to-student transmission in South Australia to alleviate parents’ concerns around sending their kids back to school.

“No student will be turned away and we believe that they are in a safer environment at school,” the Premier told ABC radio this morning.

Overall, 10 students have contracted COVID-19 in South Australia so far, however, none of these transmissions were thought to have occurred at school.

Despite the clarification, only 1 in 3 students are expected to walk back through the school gates when they reopen next week.

It’s a number that reflects attendance figures at the end of term 1, when around 34 per cent of South Australian students were in class.

However, experts predict that the recent low rates of growth in South Australia could see school attendance numbers begin to climb.