South Australia’s two major political parties are claiming around $200,000 in JobKeeper payments, according to a report by The Advertiser.

Both parties are reportedly claiming taxpayer-funded JobKeeper payments, a fortnightly subsidy of $1,500 per eligible employee.

Political parties are said to be citing a drop in revenue from memberships, union fees and donations as reasons for claiming the subsidy.

For businesses to be eligible for the scheme they must prove a drop in revenue of 30 per cent over the year.

The Advertiser reports that SA Labor will claim around $130,000 in JobKeeper payments, with the SA Liberals likely to claim around $80,000 over the course of the scheme.

The JobKeeper scheme is scheduled to run through until the end of September, however, the Federal Government has faced pressure from various industries to extend the subsidy beyond its original dates as some struggle to recover from the COVID-19 downturn.