Adelaide will once again be pushed to put in a bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Athletes Kyle Chalmers and Jess Stenson will be among those to launch the push, which will point to an estimated $2.5bn economic boost for the state.

South Australia had previously planned to throw their hat in the ring for the 2026 games, but the official bid was put on ice in September last year.

However, a new report by advisory firm PwC has found that while the state would be up for a $1.1bn bill to host the games, it would be outweighed by the $2.5bn injection.

Adelaide Oval would be the centrepiece of an Adelaide-hosted games, while the SA Aquatic Centre, State Hockey Centre and SA Athletics Stadium would also host events.

The Memorial Drive tennis centre would also play host to events following an upgrade.

Details of the athletes’ village have not yet been released.


Adelaide is the only mainland state capital to not have hosted the Commonwealth Games or its predecessor the British Empire Games. The city previously bid for the games in 1962, 1998 and 2006 but lost out on each occasion.

Australia last played host to the Commonwealth Games in 2018 on the Gold Coast.