The police warned that they would be ramping up the QR code crackdown in South Australia by going undercover in businesses to ensure people are doing the right thing by checking in. So it should be no surprise that they actually followed through.

It has been reported that at least three businesses in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs have been fined for breaches in their QR code check-ins.

Additionally, two stores, one at Burnside Village and a butcher at Norwood, were fined over the weekend for failing to encourage customers to check-in. Two shoppers were also fined and a further 50 have been issued warnings.

The QR code crackdown is a part of SAPOL’s Operation ‘Trace’, where police will wear plain clothes in establishments to ensure people are checking in and providing their personal details. In other words, the police are in disguise, so don’t be too shocked if you see someone wearing a large fake mustache, a fedora, and reading a newspaper with holes cut into it…

Oh, how we joke. But seriously, SAPOL isn’t messing around. Individuals are fined a hefty $1060 and businesses are smacked with $5060.



Commissioner of Police and State Coordinator Grant Stevens wants to remind the public of their responsibility to sign into businesses.

“We are seeing a level of complacency regarding COVID-19 check-ins and the now is not the time to stop using QR codes. As we start to see more large scale community events and with an increase in interstate and New Zealand travel we need to remember the risk that COVID-19 poses to our community.”

“You may not know whether our officers are observing you walk into a business and so I would encourage each and every member of the public to do the right thing and check in where you are required to,” Commissioner Stevens said.

So, just do the right thing by checking in to save yourself from a huge fine.