Motorists on SA’s roads are being caught out by sudden changes to speed limits, according to the RAA.

The RAA is pushing for better signposting to warn motorists of speed limit changes and curb “accidental speeding”.

Spokesperson Charles Mountain told The Advertiser that the problem can be seen with the volume of motorists caught doing 10-19km/h over the speed limit.

In 2019, 108,500 motorists were caught driving at between 10-19km/h over the limit, netting the state’s coffers over $69m for the year.

Mr Mountain pointed to Prospect Road and Goodwood Road as examples of where sudden speed limit changes have contributed to a higher volume of fines in the “accidental” range.

“Where we see better signposting there is a reduction in these sort of offences, because these people do not intentionally set out to speed or get caught,” Mr Mountain told The Advertiser.