Adelaide Football Club legend Tony Modra says that he had no idea that a WWE wrestler was planning to use his name as a pseudonym in the ring.

Australian-born wrestler Brendan Vink last week registered Tony Modra for his performer name in tribute to the former Crows full forwar.

But the Coleman Medal winner told The Advertiser that he feels disrespected by the move.

Modra says that he had watched WWE with his eight-year-old son but did not know about the newly-minted Mods.

“He claims to be an Adelaide fan but it’s a bit disappointing, a bit disrespectful,” Modra told The Advertiser.

“I couldn’t believe it – I didn’t know you had to copyright your own bloody name.”

The former All-Australian said that he had been inundated with calls from friends asking him about the situation.


He says that if the wrestler had been using Modra’s name to raise money for charity he would be more supportive.

“If he was doing it for charity or something – I do a lot of stuff for Little Heroes Foundation – I wouldn’t mind, but it seems like personal gain.”