Two men who effectively disappeared at sea, kicking off a massive search, have told authorities that they didn’t think they were lost at all.

A missing persons report was filed on Sunday after the pair had not been heard from since Friday evening.

The report sparked the largest maritime search in the state’s history, with the pair eventually found on the Coorong on Thursday morning.

However, the men say that they had no idea about the search that was taking place or that anyone even considered them “lost.”

The vessel’s skipper told reporters on Thursday that they tried to repair the 33ft fishing boat after it hit a rock or propeller on Friday night, but weren’t worried.

Tony Higgins, the boat’s skipper said that he’s hoping to stay on the vessel until it’s fully repaired.

He was fined $1,000 for having insufficient safety equipment and no license to operate.


Over 100,000 square kilometres were covered in the hunt for the men before authorities called the search off on Wednesday night.

But a chance burst of mobile phone reception allowed the men to respond to the flood of worried messages received, allowing police to find the men and tow them back to Victor Harbor.