If you have an unpaid red light camera fine sitting at home, police have given you the green light not to pay (for now).

A bombshell supreme court decision has identified problems inherent with the way South Australia’s red light cameras are tested.

The decision was passed down during a court case in which a driver challenged a fine he received after allegedly passing through an intersection on a red light at Beulah Park.

The court heard that red light cameras were only tested on green lights, and not when the lights turned red.

Following news of the decision, South Australia Police issued a statement suspending red light camera fines.

SAPOL have confirmed that “all unpaid expiation notices issued prior to the judgment” and “any offences detected from the date of the judgment will be suspended pending the outcome of the advice.”

Although motorists should not rip up their fines just yet, with police set to test 134 cameras across the state in an attempt to meet the testing requirements identified by the court.


It is unknown yet whether the suspended fines will eventually be enforced.