A WA mum got the bill shock of a goddamn lifetime after receiving a $465,595.23 bill from Telstra.

Karen’s monthly statement from the telco is normally about $400, so to be slapped with a bill for nearly half a mil, she thought she’d been hacked.

We’re talking almost 4.5 million hours on Facebook or watch about 30,000 movies a month on Netflix.

“How has [the modem] managed to do that much data download without bursting into flames?” Karen told A Current Affair.

Thing is, Karen spent a month trying to get Telstra to own up to the heart-stopping mistake.

“They’ve taken it as still my bill,” Karen said.

“And I’m guilty of that bill until they prove otherwise, that’s when the stress and anxiety started to build up.”


It wasn’t until Karen contacted her local Telstra shop that sales rep Robbie agreed that it was a stuff up or, rather, a “misalignment in the system”.

Problem solved, right?

You’d think so, but clearly Karen hadn’t been through enough.

Next month’s bill came to $466,000.


Telstra official Michael Ackland apologised after ACA contacted him.


“There were two issues – there was a system glitch error that created the original problem, and then human error to not pick it up as quick as we possibly could,” he said.

“[Karen] should ignore that bill, because it takes a little bit of time for the billing systems to process the removal, and we have confirmed with her in writing that all those charges are removed and she should ignore them.”

Next month’s bill? Now we wait.