A two-year-old child who had been staying at a medi-hotel in Adelaide’s CBD has tested positive to Covid-19. The hotel has now evacuated the entire floor that the toddler and his mother, who also tested positive, were staying on.

Peppers Maymouth Hotel is currently being used as a medi-hotel for quarantining travellers and there are now fears that the virus is airborne due to the extended time period it took to test the mother and child.

(Photo by Kelly Barnes/Getty Images)

Allegedly it took SA Health 18 minutes to test the two on Thursday. The delays were apparently caused by a range of factors including the toddler’s behaviour, language barriers and identity checks.

Due to these factors, SA Health have evacuated the other 18 guests staying on the floor of the positive cases, moving them to the Pullman medi-hotel in Hindmarsh Square.

“As we learnt from the Playford Hotel, we need to make sure as soon as we have somebody test positive, we get them out of that hotel and move them to (the dedicated Covid-19 positive facility) Tom’s Court,” Professor Nicola Spurrier said.

Additional concerns have been raised due to the toddler not wearing a mask on their Tuesday flight with 100 people on board. Additional testing will be required for those passengers who are already quarantining and will also need to restart their 14-day quarantine.


“Out of an abundance of caution to protect the community – with the now-known risk of aerosol spread and based on air circulation and full air clearance – all guests staying on the floor will be directed to complete a further 14 days of quarantine.” Spurrier said.