After going so long without rain, Adelaide may be about to get more than it can handle.

The SES has issued a warning to clear your drainpipes, with up to 30mm of rain expected this week.

That would be more than double what we have received all year so far.

After an estimated top of 25 degrees today, the first rain is expected tonight as a cold front moves over the state.

A warning has also been issued to sheep graziers who could lose animals due to showers and strong winds.

Rain is expected to continue throughout the week with similar amounts expected on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before easing off slightly on Friday.


“It has been a very dry start to 2019 so we know that leaf litter, twigs and other material will be locking gutters, downpipes and drains,” SES’s Derren Halleday said.

“This can result in significant damage to homes, especially if gutters overflow and the stormwater flows back into the roof cavity.”

The Adelaide hills could cop the biggest deluge with senior forecaster Brett Gage estimating 40-60mm could fall there by Friday night.


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