Former boxer Anthony Mundine has been blasted as a “peanut” and “extremely dangerous” for spreading conspiracy theories about the dangers of vaccinating children.

Mundine posted on Facebook on Wednesday night urging his followers against immunising their children, with a link to an American video that promoted the conspiracy theory that vaccines can cause autism.

“Don’t vaccine your kids period!” Mundine posted.

“The government bully [sic] you into vaccine !”

“Do your research on the shit & watched the documentary vaxxed …” 

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley labelled Mundine a “peanut”, pointing out the effects of diseases such as polio that can be prevented through vaccinations.


On Thursday morning, Mundine doubled down on his anti-vaxxer stance, posting on Twitter that he had a right to his opinion and others to theirs.


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the community should ignore Mundine’s views, labelling them “extremely dangerous”.

Australian immunisation levels are 0.4 per cent shy of the government’s 95 per cent target.

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