An internationally-renowned equestrian has been left in a coma after being critically injured attempting to rescue horses during the latest Victorian bushfires. 

Janina Kletke responded to a phone call asking if she could assist in rescuing four horses from a nearby burnt out property in Garfield in the early hours of March 4. 

The 34-year-old had already evacuated her own horses to a friend’s farm as the uncontrollable wildfires grew closer, but put out a Facebook post offering to help others at risk. 

A woman responded to her online post at 2am asking for help, prompting the experienced equestrian to get out of bed and head to the nearby property with the help of Country Fire Authority. 

The German national was loading the horses when she was found unconscious near the trailer. It is understood that Kletke fell off the ramp of the truck. 


She’s got the most amazing intuition for humans and animals… She has a sixth sense to communicate with horses,” her friend, Shaun Dillon told Yahoo7.

“As a result she sustained a head injury and has been kept in the ICU in an induced coma fighting for her life,” a GoFundMe page for Kletke says.

“As a German Bereiter, Janina has bought a wealth of knowledge and invaluable expertise to Australian dressage.”

The 34-year-old has remained in an induced coma in The Alfred’s Hospital’s intensive care ward since March 4.


The GoFundMe page has already raised over $10,100 by 110 people in 24 hours.

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