An Aussie farmer has chopped up a rare collectable toy live on television in a ripost to bullies, after copping abuse for trying to trade it for water for his drought-affected farm.

Stephen Black and his partner Melissa Portingale realised they might have hit the jackpot when they unwrapped a promotional toy being given away by Woolworths to customers who spend $30 or more.

Inside was a prized furry Simba Ooshie, a special version of the standard Simba that makes up the Lion King-themed instore promotion.

Not only that, it was number one of just 100, making it extra valuable. Others are being offered for sale online for tens of thousands of dollars.

The couple decided to offer their Number One Simba for sale, for about $5000, and use the money for water and other supplies for their farm.

But Ms Portingale says she copped a wave of online abuse, despite explaining she wanted the money to help their farm.

The couple then decided to offer a swap instead, saying they’d trade the toy for irrigation water. But the abuse didn’t stop.


So on Friday, live on national television, Mr Black took a pair of scissors and chopped the collectable into pieces, as a message to social media bullies.

“We are taking a stand against this online bullying … It’s just not on,” Mr Black told Nine Network.

“If we were on the edge like some of the farmers are that have taken their lives because it got too much, this stuff may have pushed us over the edge.”