The damn fruit flies are stealing our money! Never thought I’d ever say that sentence, but here we are.

Currently, South Australia is experiencing its worst fruit fly outbreak. Normally you’d see an average of 2.5 fruit fly outbreaks in a year, but this year we’re dealing with 11 in Adelaide AND another 5 in the Riverland.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot more than 2.5.

So, along with batting away the bloody flies, you’re also batting away fines. So far there have been 9737 fines dished out due to fruit fly breaches from January 2019-February 2021, which has accumulated to $4.1 million worth of fines.

PIRSA’s deputy chief executive Mehdi Doroudi said “no doubt this has been the worst we have ever seen”.

“It’s a combination of many things – this year we had less very hot, warm, days than in comparison to may other years. Those very hot days … usually help for getting rid of the fly and larvae.”

The fruit fly restrictions are to be in place until at least December, adding to the hefty $28m from the government trying to control the outbreak.


Our pockets and the government aren’t the only ones hurting from the fruit flies. Producers have lost millions in income and have paid extra costs to treat the fruit flies so they are able to sell their produce.