A group of Victorians have been blasted after they were seen walking into a Coles in Woodend in Nazi outfits.

The two men and two women were in the full get-up, wearing swastikas, Nazi jackets and black pants.

Shopper Craig Mackenzie confronted the group.

“I said to them that they were being highly disrespectful and had no idea what their uniforms meant,” he told The Age.

“The blokes told me that it was ‘only a joke’ and to f*** off. I persisted, saying that there could be people here who went through World War II and the Holocaust.

“They laughed it off and told me to f*** off again.”

Credit: The Age/Sydney Morning Herald
                                                                                          Credit: The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

“These people probably don’t even know their own grandparents fought in a war against the people in those uniforms.”

A similar incident occurred at an Oktoberfest earlier this month (yes, in November) where a group of men dressed up in SS uniforms.

A group of men reportedly tried to get into an Oktoberfest event in the Yarra Valley in early November wearing SS uniforms, which included swastika symbols.