I don’t know how many are left in the big old world, but those glowing booths have saved me many times over the years.

Finishing school and dialling 1800MUMDAD to reverse call mum to pick me up before I had a mobile phone, ah yes I very familiar with those 3 dirty scratched walls.

Telstra payphones are now free to call any local or national number across Australia, with 15, 000 still in existence according to 9News.

Andrew Penn, Telstra’s CEO made a statement, “The availability of a payphone is a vital lifeline, especially for those who are vulnerable including the homeless, people who are isolated or someone escaping an unsafe situation.”

I joke about those payphones being left unused, but in reality, they are vital for people in difficult circumstances.

9News also reported that 11 million calls were made using the payphones in the last year, with 230, 000 of those calls being made to emergency services ‘000’ and essential services such as Lifeline.

Penn also emphasised the use phone booths have for victims of domestic violence, “It’s not always easy for people in these situations to use a home phone or their mobile to get help so I hope that making payphone calls free might play a small part in helping them get the assistance they need.”


So it’s great that they’re now free-to-use!

Telstra’s putting a good taste in my mouth with this one.