Iconic petrol station brand Caltex is set to disappear right across the country!

It’s about to be replaced by its previous name Ampol. 

Caltex Australia came about after a merger between it and Ampol almost 25 years ago, but the petrol retailer announced to the stock market that US oil giant Chevron had terminated the chain’s access to the branding, meaning it will have to go back to its previous name and logo.

The name change will begin in June and cost the company a whopping $165 million over three years.

“Ampol is an iconic brand in Australia and reflects our deep Australian heritage and expertise,” chief executive Julian Segal said in a statement.

“Our market research confirms that Ampol continues to be regarded as a high-quality and trusted brand by Australian consumers and resonates across our key customer segments.

“The transition to Ampol supports our evolution into a growing regional fuels and convenience business and will allow us to invest and build equity in a company-owned brand as we continue the rollout of our retail strategy.”