An Australian family is facing a unique and incredibly difficult medical situation with their daughter.

Parents Tam and Matt first noticed something unusual about their daughter Emily when she grew four centimetres at just four-weeks-old, Ten daily reports.

18 months later, they noticed the appearance of acne body odour and discomfort in her chest. Doctors also diagnosed her with autism.

“When she was two she started complaining that she had a sore chest and we thought, ‘well that’s a little bit different’… and she was breast budding at the time and that came with cystic acne,” Tam told 10 daily.

“When Emily was about two or three she had such a yearning to have a child that there was a child at her daycare who called her ‘Mum’ and … you see the yearning and the nurturing because the hormones are driving it,” Tam said.

It’s left doctors completely mystified.

“We all have had time to grow into our hormones and have life experience and know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate, and then you have someone who says I feel these things and then the joy of autism on top of it is that there is no filter.”


At four she got her first period, and though her family has paid up to $1500 per injection to halt puberty, at seven she is still growing pubic hair, breasts and having period.

She is now going through menopause and her family is left with no clear direction to treat her “superpower”.

“When she goes through the teasing at school … we are trying to make her resilient to it and say she’s got a superpower. What’s your superpower Emily?” Tam asked her daughter when talking to 10 daily.

“Growing up faster,” Emily replied.

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