After years of Port Adelaide petitioning to wear their heritage Prison Bar guernsey, the AFL has hit them with a hard reality if they go through with it without their permission at the showdown against the Crows scheduled for next week.

On Wednesday, Port chairman David Kosh released a statement via the Port Adelaide website stating that the AFL has not decided whether or not Port can wear their Prison Bars jumpers.

(Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

“Quite frankly it is ridiculous that we are still waiting for an answer. We first approached the AFL on this matter two years ago in the lead-up to our 150th anniversary season. To think we are 10 days away from the Showdown and still waiting for a response is totally disrespectful to our fans and our club,” Koch said in the statement.

“We are requesting to wear this guernsey in Showdowns only, to celebrate the heritage of our Club and our contribution to South Australian football.”

(Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

On Thursday morning, Koshy revealed on FIVEAA that he has considered allowing Port to go ahead with donning the Prison Bars without the AFL’s permission, happy to take a fine.


“I said I’m happy to pay a fine just to bloody wear the thing.”

However, the AFL has warned Kosh and Port Adelaide that, “we’ll fine you and take points off you. It would be four points for the game – we can’t afford that.”

Of course, Collingwood has fueled the fire saying there’s “only one black and white striped jumper in the AFL, the iconic Collingwood jumper.”

Port fans, and non-Port fans have jumped to Twitter to voice their outrage over the dispute.


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