Win a Fasta Pasta Lunch with John Dean!

John Dean is the reigning king of breakfast radio trivia, whether it’s songs, flashback or remembering big milestones through the years.

John Dean is taking you on a cruise back through your life, using your birthday to connect songs, sounds and flashbacks of milestones through your life live on air.

Tell us when you were born, we’ll call you back on air and remember a time with you, chatting through a story, flashback or milestone in your life.

John Dean will then play audio from that year that you could’ve heard in the car, out and about or casually sitting in a restaurant like Fasta Pasta.

Guess it and you’re on the shortlist to attend an exclusive lunch with John Dean hosted lunch at Fasta Pasta to create another time to remember in 2022!

Fasta Pasta. Good food, fun times, great value.

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