When it comes to Australian music, few names carry the same weight and resonance as John Farnham’s and now, finally, the great man is releasing a memoir.

Penned in collaboration with the brilliant Poppy Stockell, the creative brain behind the acclaimed Farnham biopic “Finding the Voice”, this memoir isn’t just a glimpse into the life of a music icon, it delves into the man behind the music.

From the bustling streets of Melbourne to the heights of pop stardom in the 1960s, Farnham’s story isn’t one of seamless ascent. Before “Whispering Jack” sealed his name into the annals of music history as the highest-selling Australian album ever, lies a tale of perseverance in the face of adversity.

As the music industry turned its back and financial ruin loomed, Farnham stood firm. Even in the darkest of hours, when a diagnosis of mouth cancer cast a shadow over his path, he refused to let despair dictate his story.

“Having been asked many times, it finally felt like the right time to sit down and tell my story,” Farnham said in a statement.

“It is a very strange feeling looking back on my life, on the good and the bad, and now that I have started, it is all rushing back. I hope the book engages and entertains, because that’s what so much of my life has been about.”

“The Voice Inside” by John Farnham with Poppy Stockell is set for release in November 2024, published by Hachette Australia.