During a recent interview, William Shatner, who’s 93 years young, hinted at the possibility of revisiting his iconic role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, calling it “an intriguing prospect.” While discussing his new documentary, “You Can Call Me Bill,” Shatner shared with The Canadian Press his thoughts on the idea. He mentioned that he might consider reprising the character if there were a compelling reason for his return.

Acknowledging Captain Kirk’s demise in the 1994 film “Star Trek: Generations,” Shatner humorously proposed a unique solution. He playfully suggested the notion of preserving his body and brain for potential future revival, envisioning a scenario where Captain Kirk could be resurrected.

Additionally, Shatner highlighted Otoy, a company he endorses, which offers technology capable of digitally rejuvenating actors. This innovative technology could potentially allow him to portray a younger version of Captain Kirk in any potential future appearances.