A dismayed shopper shared an image of the Cadbury bunny exhibit at their local Coles, expressing disbelief at the cost. The display, showcasing 250-gram Cadbury Dairy Milk bunnies, was accompanied by a sign with the price set to $10 per bunny.

Twitter users swiftly condemned the “outrageous” pricing, with one denouncing it as a sign of uncontrollable inflation. Another shopper highlighted the startling price per kilogram, now amounting to $40. Some reminisced about the days when these treats were merely $1, empathizing with families facing financial strain. Calls for more reasonable pricing emerged, suggesting that $10 should cover a box of bunnies rather than a single item.

In response to the backlash, a Cadbury spokesperson clarified that the price of the 250g bunny remains unchanged since the previous year. They emphasized that variations in shape, size, and pricing across the Cadbury Dairy Milk range reflect different product experiences, reaffirming the consistency of the 250g bunny’s price at $10.

Do you think that price is ridiculous?