Just in case you were wondering if they make graduation caps and gowns for cats – they do!

Francesca Bourdier figured it out when she purchased a set for her one-and-a-half-year-old cat so she could graduate alongside her.

According to FOX 7, Francesca graduated from the University of Texas this year, and with most of her classes being online, she was able to have her trusty sidekick, Suki, by her side!

“I was pretty much at my apartment for most of the time and I had my cat next to me. Whenever I would have my Zoom lecture on, it’s like she almost wanted to listen in on it, and she would always just sit by my laptop,” she said.

The graduating student found a matching cap and gown for Suki, making her an honourable member of the Class of 2022.


She shared the gorgeous photos on social media with the caption, “Yes, my cat attended every zoom lecture I had so we will BOTH be graduating from THE University of Texas at Austin together”.

The university responded to her post saying, “Congratulations to you both”.

Francesca said she loved having Suki’s presence during Zoom lectures.

“A lot of people relate to having their pet with them, you know, attending their Zoom lectures because everyone was pretty much at home. She’s just kind of my special graduate,” she told FOX 7.

This isn’t the first time Francesca and her cat matched, though!

Francesca, who started a clothing company while in school designing matching outfits for pets and their owners, previously shared a photo of her and Suki wearing matching pink sweatsuits.


Too cute!

(Source: iHeartRadio)